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My husband and me have been going to Dr. Santosh for years now. For any medical issue he is our first reach. Dr. Santosh does not panic himself and gives the same mental strength to his patients as well. He tries to adopt Ayurveda to our current lifestyle. His patience is commendable, as he discusses every minute aspect and readily clears any queries or doubts one may have.

- Aparna and Shyam Nair, Bangalore

It's been great experience moreover a relaxing phase when I met Doctor Santosh .. I stepped in with lot of anxiety and disturbed mind, but on the way back, I was a complete relaxed person as well as more stronger one.. I had been detected with hypo thyroid problem and the allopathic doctors outside made me feel so scared and depressed.. but luckily I was suggested to meet Dr.Santosh by Dr.Anupama.. and after consultation I really felt much relieved.. with his guidance and medicines,my thyroid levels came down to complete normal levels within 2 months.. I here take my opportunity to thank both of them..

- Sinchana Murthy, Bangalore

"When I first moved to Bangalore, I had a very bad problem with a runny nose. Many nights, my flowing nose would wake me at 2AM. It was hard to go back to sleep. With doctor Santosh's medicine, it healed my problem within a fortnight. I understand that this is a problem experienced by many in Bangalore. I highly recommend for all those suffering with these symptoms and other medical problems to see Doctor Santosh. "

- N. Rana, Leadership Consultant

Email: rannarendra@gmail.com

Pranav developed acid reflux and other severe health complications during his birth. He was treated with regular Allopathy medicine and we were not getting anywhere. We approached Dr.Santhosh for Ayurvedic treatment from Chapel Hill, NC, USA over phone. At first we were little hesitant thinking as to how effective would the diagonosis and treatment be given the fact that we are so far away and not able to meet Dr.Santosh in person with Pranav. Pranav's treatment went very well and doing wonderful, We are deeply touched by the amount of attention we got with constant follow up over phone, e-mail and chat every week. We would strongly recommend Dr.Santosh to anyone especially for people residing overseas"


With Best,

- Raghavendra, New Castle, USA

My Wife and I, as well as many of my colleagues have been consulting Dr. Santosh for varied ailment from Chronic Disease like Thyroid, BP to Muscular / Joint Pains. We really appreciate his personal care and good understanding of the problem. We have been very satisfied and most of the time the cure has been most effective.

We have high faith in his treatments and prefer this more than Allopathy.

- Deepak Mehta, Bangalore, India


My daughter was suffering from severe skin allergy, that too started when she was just 2 months. Thick red rashes were developed all over her body with irresistible itching. My kid was so restless that she couldn’t sit idle for 5 minutes. This becomes even more worse whenever I travelled between Bangalore and Kerala with her. Even a small difference in temperature will make the things worse and intensifies her pain.

I tried several Allopathic as well as Homeopathic medicines from different renowned doctors however all were in vain.

Finally one of my friend Mr Ragunath suggested me to meet Dr Santhosh. The very next day I consulted him – Dr was very friendly and he patiently listened to all the problems faced by my daughter and prescribed medicines for a month. To all of our surprise, my kid got immediate relief within a week and almost 90% of her disease got cured within one month even though Dr advised to take the medicine for an year.

My family is really grateful and deeply indebted to Dr Santhosh for the service and care that he provided.

I strongly recommend Dr Santhosh for people, especially kids who are suffering from these kind of allergic diseases- also because Ayurveda has no side effects.


- Girish T

We have been consulting Dr Santosh for close to 4 years now. It started with me in a complete state of panic, after finding myself with prolapsed disc and severe numbing associated with it. With my vivid imagination , I was all set to brace up for a "invalid" life :),since I just couldn't literally stomach any of the medicines (thanks to hyper acidity) my allopathy doctor gave me. My ortho was scaring me with all possibilities of nerve ends severely damaged, an immediate MRI and what not. All this until, my friend took me to consult Dr Santosh. Needless to say I became all active in 6 weeks, best part was I could just speak all about the problem, including my own prediction of a bleak future as a person that's bordering "invalid”, he just sat there and let me talk for close to 20 minutes later, later addressed each issue and assured me that I was going to be alright.

Later the same year, my husband also consulted him for migraine. Thanks to prolonged use of prophylactics the neurologist suggested, my husband was well in his way to becoming a zombie. We were resigned to the fact of him being in trance state and forgetting things in the middle of the sentence. Dr Santosh worked his magic on my husband too.

Best of all my experiences was, in my son's case. I went through the same nightmare every mother with a toddler goes through- lack of appetite, worms, underweight child and child that refuses to eat anytime of the day. This time, Dr challenged that after one particular medicine for 15 days my son will come and ask me for food... And my son did come and ask me for food and he ate it too... :))

Even though we have moved out of Bangalore we still consult Dr Santosh. He lets us talk about all the trouble (in phone now) and concludes amazingly..I think that's Dr's major strength, as another person in this forum mentioned just telling about all that bothers us and Dr saying it can be treated in this timeframe feels like halfway cured already.

Thanks doctor. Writing about it all brought back memories of troubled times. Thanks for all your treatment, for us and especially to my father in his last few months. He was greatly comforted by the manner in which you were speaking with him, confidently assuring...thanks again!

Thanks Doctor!

- Veda, Hyderabad

Target Corporation India, Bangalore

I've known Dr. Santosh for over 3 years now. I started visiting him when my asthma was at its peak. Over time he helped me build my immunity such that I do not need to take any medication any longer. It's been a pleasure knowing Dr. Santosh who's always been very helpful and I believe it was his positivity during our consultations that was half the cure.

- Ashish Mehra, Mumbai, India.

Dr. Santhosh has been our family doctor for close to a decade now. His setting up the clinic near our residence was a blessing in disguise.

He is extremely well versed in his practice, very practical and down to earth and with a cure for most health problems.

The incident that i remember the most is when my aunt had some issues with her leg swelling up badly. He put her on medication for a couple of days but the swelling did not seem to go down . He immediately recommended that she visit an allopathic doctor for the time being to get the swelling down ...and once it was he prescribed some medication so that it would not recur in the future. What touched most of us in my family was the honest nature with which he came forward and said that we use an alternate methodology for quick relief.

With Dr.Santosh we have had a welcome change from allopathy and its side effects to a more safe world of Ayurveda. Thank You Doctor


- Arshy Sreedharan


“It is a great opportunity to share my experience with Dr Santhosh with the audience. I first met him in 2006 when I had spondylosis his treatment gave me a great relief. Since then I have been consulting him for all my health issues, few of them to mention are Osteoarthritis and Sinusitis.

Due to my work stress, I have had many health issues in the last few years and Dr. Santhosh has been ably treating me till date without which I could not have survived the demands of corporate life.

What I have noticed in him is that he treats the symptoms to bring about cure constitutionally.

Though I moved out of Bangalore, I reach him on his cell and take medical consultation and advice. He has never hesitated to respond to calls even during odd hours.

I take this opportunity to wish him all the very best”.


- Premnath, Chennai

Hair Fall Cured!

I am a long time patient of Rheumatoid Arthritis that had affected most of the joints in my body. The symptoms first appeared in 1984 and I have been under the treatment and care of The Ayurvedic Hospital at Coimbatore since 1987. I settled in Koramangala, Bangalore in 1993, and for further continuation of Ayurvedic treatment, I was under the guidance and councel of Dr Santosh. I found him very knowledgeable in his profession and his prescriptions were very effective with a long term perspective. Apart from this, he has all the personal qualities that a patient appreciates like courteous and gentle behavior, patience in hearing the complaints, giving due attention to the feedbacks from the patients and tailoring the treatment to the individual’s case. Today, after almost 25 years as an arthritis patient, I am leading an almost normal life – of course, with strict discipline in taking medicines & oil massage, observing diet restrictions, doing the exercises and having a positive mental outlook.

I wish Dr Santosh and his team all success in continuing their service to patients through the ancient tradition of Ayurveda – The initiative for distance treatment through e-mail/ chat/ webcam is a welcome facility for the convenience of patients in this age of internet communications.

- Smt Rajalakshmy Ramachandran, Coimbatore

We have known Dr Santhosh for the past 6 years. Infact when my son was very ill with severe Bronchitis & Neumonia where we had lost hopes with allopathy, we happened to visit Dr Santhosh & it was a blessing in disguise. His medicines have worked wonders on my son . Today my son is in perfect health & its all because of Dr Santhosh. Mere words isn’t sufficient to thank Dr Santhosh. Now he is our family Doctor. Be it with my son or myself or my husband, its Dr. Santhosh’s medicine which is keeping our family hale & healthy.

- Subbha Maachhaiah, Bangalore

Dr Santosh has been my ayurveda doctor for more than a year now. As someone who was very much against ayurveda, I have been pleasantly surprised by the results in myself. It has given me faith in the system and has helped me a great deal through my pregnancy. I would advice everyone to supplement their orthodox medication with ayurveda for a comfortable existence.

Patient of Dr.Santosh (Name withheld on request)

Dr. Santosh is a very gentle, reassuring, calm doctor friend to consult. His laid back attitude coupled with his confidence inspires trust and faith in the paient, needless to say that his medicines work very well. What I find most reassuring is that he always has the time and patience to answer questions and respects the patient's desire to know, he is not autocratic as many doctors are. He always gives a clinical explanation which appeals greatly to me. He is realistic in his suggestions. I, as a mother of two young growing children, always have a million questions to ask (unfortunately I also have a keen interest in medical facts) which Doctor is always prepared to answer realistically. He also does not over medicate. his knowledge about Western medicine helps, and adds to a realisitc approach. In a nutshell Docotr Santosh is a doctor with a heart, who is intuitive, gentle, patient and just great!

- Shanta Srinivasan

(Homemaker, and Teacher)

Getting better and better: Dear Dr. Santhosh, I take this opportunity to thank you for helping me get better health with your right diagnosis and treatment. My cold and cough has disappeared , the problem which I was facing for a number of years, which would result in sinusitis to begin with and would translate into VERTIGO. Since last december the number of attacks of cold and cough had reduced in the occurrence and severity. Moreover the amount of money I used to spend on the allopathy medicines was also quite huge! with frequent recurrence of the problem. Now I am RELIEVED of this . I am really glad that my VERTIGO problem has vanished after taking medicines for about 6 months.

Apart from this, the premenstural tension and menstrual cramps was just setright in just 2 sittings! and the menstrual cycle has also become regular which is uneventful. The medicines prescribed by you has arrested the growth of the fibroid in the uterus which has prevented me from undergoing surgery. THANK YOU DOCTOR, thanks once again for all the good thing I regained, with your help - MY HEALTH!a

- Padma Venkat

BTM Layout, Bangalore.


We have found Dr. Santhosh to be an excellent doctor, specially in case of small kids where the problems are not easy to diagnose. My child was suffering from infantile eczema that was oozing with blood almost all the time, which went really bad. While we were in Bangalore, Dr. Santhosh not only brought the problem under control, there were definite signs of the disease getting cured. Dr. Santhosh was very quick in detecting what medicines were suiting the child and what were against child's body composition. His gentle and non-steroid based treatment controlled the problem, and removed scars leaving no traces of the problem. We have also seen him going out of the way to even create the medicines, which might not be easily available. He also does not shy away from discussing complicated issues with his seniors in his circle. In addition to this, Dr. Santhosh is also a wonderful human being, and very approachable. Over so many years now, we consider him more of a friend as well. We really thank him for treating our child's problems so well.

- Anil & Alka Bhatia, Delhi


I initially went to Dr.Santosh for knee pain and back pain. He prescribed some medicines to take for a certain period of time along with diet plans which was pretty normal and easy to follow. Following the medicines and diet, the simple exercises gave an immense strength to climb stairs up and down. Now I am able to do my daily work without much issues which was not possible before meeting Dr.Santosh.

Ayurveda treatment is thousand times better than Allopathy. I say this because I have been subjected to both. Allopathy gave me temporary treatment whereas Ayurveda is permanent and gave me quick relief.

I would recommend everyone to visit and take treatment from Dr.Santosh out of my personal experience and improvement in health.

- Kala

Email: sekhar.june23@googlemail.com

Dear Dr. Santosh,

We have been consulting you for over a year now and wanted to let you know that the treatment has helped me tremendously. Specifically my allergic reactions have been cured to a large extent and I've been to able to have a comfortable lifestyle since then, compared to when I was constantly under the effects on allergic reactions & the consequent medication.

Thank you so much..

- Abhishek Chaturvedi

+91 98452 85084, +91 98452 85084

"Great work!!! I am very grateful for the treatment provided. I really appreciate the efforts of the team at Shreshtha Ayurvedic Center. The treatment by the supportive and efficient team exceeded our expectation. "

Name withheld on request

Bommanahalli, Bangalore.

Very good treatment for depression and anxiety!

I came to Shreshtha Ayurvedic Center to meet Dr. Santosh for my mild depression and severe anxiety problem. After being on Allopathy medicines for many years, I finally found good relief without any side effects. The internal medicines and Panchakarma prescribed by Dr. Santosh has totally brought down my anxiety levels. I am feeling much lively and active now.

- Kankana Biswas

Chronic pain of 15 years cured completely!

I was suffering from back pain due to disc prolapse from the past 15 years. I was tired of taking pain killers without any relief. In February, I was completely bedridden due to pain. I met Dr.Santosh as the last resort. He prescribed me medicines for 15 days after which the pain reduced considerable and but did not go completely. So, Dr.Santosh advised me to undergo Panchakarma treatment for 7 days. I noticed changes from the 3rd day onwards and by the end of 7th day, pain had vanished completely. The doctor diagnosed my condition properly and gave me the right advice at the right time for which I am very grateful.

- Rajashekharan, Hosa road, Bangalore.

Knee surgery cancelled after Panchakarma treatment from Dr.Santosh!

My name is Ninderjit Kaur (53 years old). I am the chief matron at Eastern Railway Hospital, Asansol. I am very happy to share the story of treatment. I was having arthritis in my knees from the past 6 years and was not able to walk. It had started affecting other joints like my jaw, because of which it was difficult to eat also. After taking lot of Allopathy medicines, and suffering the side effects like Hepatomegaly, because of which I was not able to sit properly also, I was advised knee surgery. I came to Bangalore for the surgery.

At that time, I wanted to give a last try to Ayurveda, and met Dr.Santosh.He prescribed some oral medicines and advised to go for Panchakarma treatment. This was the best decision of my life. After 21 days of treatment, now I am walking comfortably without any pain. Even my ENT doctor is surprised seeing the healing of my jaw, as I can eat properly after so many years. The panchakarma therapists did an excellent job and the treatment had no side effects at all. My surgery was cancelled and I am very very happy with the treatment. My advice to people that they should not think Panchakarma is expensive, it is nothing compared to cost of surgery. They should trust Dr.Santosh completely and follow Panchakarma treatment, medicines and diet properly. I even lost 8 kilos of weight, because body swelling came down. I feel young and light. I am very determined now to spread the good work of Dr.Santosh and his team.

- NInderjit Kaur

I have been consulting Dr. Santosh from 2005, for myself as well as my family and I would say he has never let me down. Interestingly, we met casually when I was looking for a medicine, for my mouth ulcers. Instead of medicine, he suggested me a home remedy(without a consultation) and it worked well. I consulted him again when a gastric problem was troubling me, and a reputed hospital in Bangalore could not get any clue. To my relief, Dr. Santosh could sport the root cause from my description and he could cure it in a few weeks treatment. Afterwards, I have consulted him for various problems for myself and family, latest being a wheezing problem for my son, which is progressing positively.

Dr. Santosh seem quite knowledgeable in his field(I have seen him maintain a small library for reference). He listens patiently to everything one have to say. Also he is quite practical in working out medicine options and schedules compared to some doctors in the same discipline, who tend to be rigid and impractical.

Once I moved out abroad, he is still available to consult on phone/skype. He accepts net payments and promptly ships medicines to the address which makes my Ayurvedic consultation much easier even remotely. He also had been frank enough to suggest tests and diagnosis from modern medicines in few situations where the response was not as positive as expected. I would be confident to avail his service in future as well as recommend it to anyone who needs it. I wish Dr. Santosh all the best and all success.

- Pratheek Deviprasad

My mother, Shantakumari, aged 64 yrs was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia in Kerala and came to Nimhans to meet the doctors who suggested a treatment called Gamma Knife. At this point, the pain was so terrible that we were ready to do anything. Meanwhile, to get some relief from constipation, we went to see Dr.Santosh and ended up talking to him about the pain as well .He started internal medicines and suggested Panchakarma treatment which we started right away. To our pleasant surprise, the pain reduced by the 3rd day itself. My mother was so happy with the treatment after the pain started reducing a lot by the end of the treatment. She slowly stopped all the allopathy medicines she was taking and she is now hale and healthy. She wants to do another round of Panchakarma soon. We are extremely happy with the experience.

- Rajashekharan (on behalf of my mother- Shantakumari)

Escaped Knee replacement surgery!

I am patient of Dr Santosh for past 3 years. I developed osteo arthritis about 3 years back and All of a sudden it became acute and I was having problem in leg movements . I initially consulted doctors for allopathic treatment but they advised that permanent solution is "knee replacement". I am thankful to Almighty for getting in contact with Dr. Santosh and I told him over phone my symptoms and he started medication and within 2/3 months there was vast improvement ( I met him personally last year only). Dr. Santosh is treating me since then and now I feel almost treated. Now I can walk for one hour at a stretch and can stand also during metro journey without any problem. Dr. Santosh diagnosis is perfect . The comfortable life now I am living is entirely due to Dr. Santosh. Thank you Dr. Santosh.

- Brijendra Rana

I have been visiting Dr.Santosh for my medication since 2007 and my mother's since 2010. From his medication, I could make out the instant and long term relief from the back pain I was suffering from. Also, my gastric problems were diagnosed effectively with the appropriate medicine and ayurvedic oil massages. My mother, Mukta Ben who lives in Gujarat was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for the past 10 years was bed ridden for almost 6 months. Dr.Santosh watched her videos and treated her from here only as we she was not able to travel. Then a miracle happened. With his treatment and medication she is now able to carry out her daily chores with less pain. I'm extremely happy for the way he obliged to treat my mother and for his effective medication.


- G****ma and Mukta Ben

Email: Um********@yahoo.com

Dr.Santosh was introduced to me by my sister who had experienced great progress in her treatment with the ayurvedic medication. This is the first time that I have used ayurvedic prescription medication, and I am very happy with the control of my eczema problem. I went to Dr.Santosh with very severe symptoms, and he was able to diagnose through skype sessions. He has a calm demeanour and is able to get to the root of the problem with simple questions. His medicines are very convenient and do not interrupt any of the daily routine. It is with his help and dedicated guidance that I have been able to control my eczema. I would recommend his medication and his practice to any of my friends and family.

- Supradeep


I am very thankful to Dr. Santhosh for treating my daughter's eczema. My daughter ( now 7yrs) has had it since birth and after battling with it for 6 yrs ( while we were abroad) we turn to Dr. Snatosh for help. He gave us a very patient hearing and then also gave us hope that this condition was treatable for we had almost given up hope. Sure enough, a year later my daughter has come a long way from those itchy irritable days and we have got our lives back. Dr, Santosh is also treating our son ( aged 4) for asthma and has even formulated medicines that our lil boy ( who is notoriously difficult to please) is happy to take. At a time when doctors are too busy to listen/talk to their patients, Dr. Santhosh comes across as a refreshing change with his approachability. He is a godsend as far as our family is concerned. Thanks once again Doctor!

- Nirupama and Karthi

Email: d_nirupama@hotmail.com

I have been seeking treatment from Dr. Anupama and Dr. Santosh for several years now. I have been impressed by their patience, exceptional diagnostic skill, and the efficacy of the treatment they provide. Both the doctors have a strong foundation in both ayurvedic and allopathic treatment, and they are able to explain their thinking and the treatment choices they make so that non-medical people can understand their line of thinking. My family and I are deeply appreciate of Drs. Anupama and Santosh and we endorse their clinic wholeheartedly.

Kalyani K

I have suffered from severe psoriasis from many years. By God's grace I came to know about Dr.Santosh. I was in a very bad condition when I came to him. I am almost completely healed all thanks to Dr.Santosh and his staff who did the Panchkarma therapy. Dr.Santosh explains very patiently and clearly all about the disease and the treatment. And I am very grateful to him and his team.

- Patient R, Bangalore

No words can explain how good is Dr. Santosh. He surely is not seeking your money unlike many. He takes time to listen to you and prescribes the best of his medicines. I have been suffering from chronic Allergic Rhinitis(Nasal problem) since 9 years and recently with panic attacks and anxiety. He has cured my first problem to a good extent and helped me regain my faith in the existence of Good Doctors who can really cure you whereas I have recovered well from my second problem as well and that's all because of him. He, certainly, is one of the best Doctors and a person I have ever come across. Hoping to be better soon. Thanks is just a small word to show him my gratitude. Thanks a lot Dr. Santosh. :) May you live long and prosper and continue to heal whoever seeks your help. :)

- Nitin Khandwal