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Effective treatment for PCOS

Last year I was diagnosed with PCOS. It had hampered my lifestyle very badly. Going for a short walk was also very difficult. With good guidance, diet and medication from Dr. Anupama Santhosh, I am now back to my regular life and can walk 14km! I even took panchakarma treatment. Dr. Anupama Santhosh is a very friendly and patient doctor.

- Vani K, Bangalore

I have been consulting Dr. Anupama for various medical issues for 3 months now. She is one of the most approachable doctors I have ever met. She is not only a doctor but also a guide for my daily lifestyle. I have the freedom to reach out to her for any issue and she will provide me a solution. I have recommended Dr. Anupama to various friends and family and they also have the same things to say about her. The best part about going doctor is that you will get to learn something new and interesting. She recommends any new product after she has done her thorough research.

- Aparna Nair, Bangalore

I am extremely lucky to have been introduced to Dr.Anupama, she is one of the most supportive and optimistic doctors I have ever met. She motivated me a great deal to lose weight in a healthy manner by letting me know how it would help combat PCOD. Very few doctors like her are available at all times and are understanding even if you go wrong.

I am currently on the medication prescribed by her and I can feel the changes in just a few months. I'm glad to have met her and I thank her for all the support and care.

- Niharika

My daughter, now in 9th standard, was suffering from bed-wetting from the past 4 years. Not a single day would pass without her bed-wetting. Everybody in the family were frustrated. And my daughter could not go out and stay anywhere because of this issue. She had become very depressed because of this problem, but was ashamed and embarrassed to discuss this with the doctors. Luckily, she agreed to meet Dr.Anupama. Initially she was scared, but the doctor made her feel comfortable with her friendly manner. She gave her a lot of time to express her anxiety and assured us that this problem can be treated with a combination of ayurvedic medicines, yoga and some lifestyle changes. Amazingly, her bedwetting came under control within a weeks time and now has completely vanished after a months time. She is a great person making her patients comfortable so that you can talk about your problem. We felt very comfortable and also got solution from her. Thanks a lot Dr.

- Pavitra

"Great work!!! I am very grateful for the treatment provided. I really appreciate the efforts of the team at Shreshtha Ayurvedic Center. The treatment by the supportive and efficient team exceeded our expectation. "

Name withheld on request

Bommanahalli, Bangalore.

Very good treatment for depression and anxiety!

I came to Shreshtha Ayurvedic Center to meet Dr. Santosh for my mild depression and severe anxiety problem. After being on Allopathy medicines for many years, I finally found good relief without any side effects. The internal medicines and Panchakarma prescribed by Dr. Santosh has totally brought down my anxiety levels. I am feeling much lively and active now.

- Kankana Biswas

Dr. Anupama advised panchakarma treatments for my PCOS problem. After the 15 days therapy, I am feeling extremely good, have lost some weight, my skin has become soft and clear with all the black rashes gone. The therapists are extremely good and the doctor and the staff at the hospital took very good care and responded to all my problems very well. I intend to continue consulting Dr.Anupama even after I fly back to Dubai."

- Pushpalatha, Dubai.

I have been seeing Dr Anupama for almost 3 years now and I've never been disappointed. Recently, I underwent the panchakarma treatment which lasted for 15 days. It included massage, steam bath and an enema. The therapists who administered the treatment were very professional, friendly and knew what they were doing. The facility is small yet very clean and well maintained. With the treatment, medicine and diet, I have benefited a lot. The medical issues I was facing seem to be resolving at a much faster pace. I feel healthier and would like to thank Dr. Anupama for being such a good listener, great advisor and excellent doctor.Preethi

- Kamat, Sunnyvale, CA, United States

I have been seeking treatment from Dr. Anupama and Dr. Santosh for several years now. I have been impressed by their patience, exceptional diagnostic skill, and the efficacy of the treatment they provide. Both the doctors have a strong foundation in both ayurvedic and allopathic treatment, and they are able to explain their thinking and the treatment choices they make so that non-medical people can understand their line of thinking. My family and I are deeply appreciate of Drs. Anupama and Santosh and we endorse their clinic wholeheartedly.

Kalyani K